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Andre Martinez with the Cecil Taylor Unit

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Cecil Taylor Online Sessionography.
This new site is maintained and updated by The Cecil Taylor Research Group.  Much thanks to Rick Lopez.
Rick and Andre have been having a dialogue complete with personal remembrances of the "Cecil Days".
Almost all of the Cecil info here (if not all) is laid out in full detail at this site.

Also, see the
William Parker Sessionography by Rick Lopez. (duplicates all the Cecil gigs and info that William was a part of)
and see Cecil Taylor Sessionography by Richard Shapiro.

Most performances took place as part of major festivals in the following Cities/Countries:
1.Salzburg, Austria
2. Saafelden, Austria
3. Vienna, Austria
4. Innsbruck, Austria
5. East Berlin, Germany
6. West Berlin, Germany
7. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
8. Montreal, Canada
9. Toronto, Canada
10. Victoria Ville, Canada
11. Prague, Czechoslavakia
12. London, England
13. Paris, France
14. Lyon, France
15. Hunziken, Germany
16. Berlin, Germany
17. Strasbourg, Germany
18. Munich, Germany
19. Hamburg, Germany
20. Rome, Italy
21. Milan, Italy
22. Bologna, Italy
23. Pavia, Italy
24. Messina, Sicily
25. Warsaw, Poland
26. Cagliari, Sardinia
27. Saragossa, Spain
28. Barcelona, Spain
29. Madrid, Spain
30. Bern, Switzerland
31. Zurich, Switzerland
32. Basil, Switzerland
33. Lucerne, Switzerland
34. Orleans, France
35. Sao Paulo,Brazil
36. Nancy, France
37. Quebec, Canada
38. Colonge ,Germany
39. Brussels, Belgium

New England Foundation for the Arts Concert Series - Cecil Taylor Trio. Andre Martinez Drums and Percussion / William Parker Contra Bass

Spaulding Auditorium Dartmouth College Hanover, NH
Maine Center for the Arts University of Maine Orono, ME
Langston Hughes Center Providence, RI
Residential Arts Center University of MA-Amherst Amherst, MA
Berkshire Museum Pittsfield, MA Flynn Theater Burlington, VT
Polish National House Hartford, CT
Strand Theater Dorchester, MA

U.S. Concerts and Festivals

Knitting Factory, NYC (Quintet - Cecil Taylor, Jimmy Lyons, William Parker, Andre Martinez, Rev. Frank Wright.)
Knitting Factory, NYC (Orchestra - C. Taylor, W. Parker, A. Martinez, Tony Oxley, Glen Spearman, David Ware, C. Ward, R. Malik, T. Barker, J. Bushini, Evelyn Blakely.)
Blue Note, NYC (Quartet - C. Taylor, J. Lyons, W. Parker, A. Martinez.)
Judson Street Church, NYC (Orchestra - C. Taylor, J. Lyons, Rev F. Wright, W. Parker, K. Borca, R. Bakr, B. Bakr, A. Martinez, Abdul Fatah Muneer, Eve Smith, Craig Harris, G. Spearman.)
Condons, NYC (Trio - C. Taylor, W. Parker, A. Martinez.)
Art Park Jazz Festival, Niagara, NY ( Quintet - C. Taylor, J. Lyons, W. Parker, R. Bakr, A. Martinez.)
Imac Theater, Live Video, Long Island City (Quintet - C. Taylor, W. Parker, A. Martinez, J. Lyons, Rev. F. Wright.)
Chicago, Jazz Festival (Unit: C. Taylor, W. Parker, J. Lyons , A. Martinez, R. Bakr, B.Bakr.)
Irving Plaza, NYC (C. Taylor, W. Parker, J. Lyons, F. Wright, R. Campbell, A. Martinez.)
Lehigh University, Bethlehem Pa Trio. (C. Taylor, W. Parker, A. Martinez.)
Kimbal's, San Francisco (Quintet - C. Taylor, J. Lyons W. Parker, A. Martinez, Rev. F. Wright.)
Mystic Fire Video, NYC (Quartet - C. Taylor, W. Parker, A. Martinez, T. Oxley)
Lush Life, NYC (Orchestra - C. Taylor, J. Lyons, W. Parker, R. Bakr, D. Carter, A. Martinez, K. Borca, L. Bowie, D. Murray, S. Coleman,A Muneer)
Cleveland Institute of Music, Ohio (Trio - C. Taylor, W. Parker, A. Martinez.)
Village Vanguard, NYC (Trio - C. Taylor, W. Parker, A. Martinez.)
Sweet Basil's, NYC (C.Taylor,J.Lyons.R.Bakr,B.Bakr,Rev.F.Wright,W.Parker,A.Martinez)


Cecil Taylor Unit - 12/81


Cecil Taylor Big Band - Lush Life, NYC 3/1/82 / private tape
Cecil Taylor Big Band - Lush Life, NYC 6/29-30/82 / private tape
Cecil Taylor Septet - Lush Life, NYC / private tape
Cecil Taylor Quintet - 6th Annual Art Park Festival, Lewistown NY / private tape
Cecil Taylor Unit - Eye of the Crocodile - un-issued private tape
Cecil Taylor / Kool Jazz Festival, Chicago - un-issued soundboard private tape in Grant Park 9/2/82
Cecil Taylor Unit / Art Park Jazz Festival / private tape


Cecil Taylor Unit / Saafeldon/ un-issued private tape
Cecil Taylor Unit / Nancy, France/ un-issued private tape 10/18/83
Cecil Taylor Unit / Zaragossa, Spain / un-issued private tape
Cecil Taylor Unit / Berlin Jazz Festival / Video
Cecil Taylor Nicaragua: No Parasan / Record
Cecil Taylor Unit Live in Willisau / private tape
Cecil Taylor Unit / Saalfeldon, Austria / un-issued soundboard tape
Cecil Taylor Unit / Rome, Italy / 3/14/83 TV show /live broadcast.
Cecil Taylor Quintet / Festhuette, Willisua, Austria 8/27/83 (2 record set)
Cecil Taylor Quintet / Saafeldon, Austria 9/4/83 / private tape
Cecil Taylor Unit / Sweet basils NYC / 9/29/83 soundboard tape / private tape
Cecil Taylor Unit & dance / Palacio de los Deportes, Madrid, Spain /10/27/83 broadcast/video/Private tape (C.Taylor, J.Lyons, R.Bakr, B.Bakr, A.Martinez, W.Parker, 4 dancers)
Cecil Taylor Unit / Der Philharmonie Berlin, Germany 10/30/83 video / tv broadcast
Cecil Taylor Unit / Dornbern, Austria 11/8/83 broadcast / private tape
Cecil Taylor Unit / Record date 11/9-10/83 for hat hut records recorded in the Black Forest in Germany? (unreleased)


Cecil Taylor Segments II - Winged Serpent (Sliding Quadrants), Black Saint LP AMG link
Cecil Taylor Unit / NYC (un-issued / Private tape)
Cecil Taylor Unit - 2 Continents Orchestra / Paris Jazz Festival / private tape
Cecil Taylor Unit - Live at the Blue Note, NYC / private tape
Cecil Taylor Tentet / Cologne Germany 10/15/84 / private tape
Cecil Taylor Tentet / Muhle Hunziken, Rugiben, Switzerland (radio broadcast)
Cecil Taylor Orchestra / Le Teatre Musical de Paris, France (tv broadcast from Radio France)
Cecil Taylor Orchestra / Prague, Czechoslovakia (tv broadcast)
Cecil Taylor Orchestra / Warsaw, Poland (tv broadcast)


Cecil Taylor Unit / (un-issued/private tape/ Broadcast Tape)
Cecil Taylor Unit / Live in Basel / Ballet (un-issued/private tape) 11/16/85
Cecil Taylor Unit / Live in Basel / Private Tape / un-issued)
Cecil Taylor Live at Sweet Basils, NYC / Sound board/tape (un-issued)
Cecil Taylor / Montreal Jazz Festival / un-issued Broadcast tape
Cecil Taylor - Live at the IMAC Theater NY- video
Cecil Taylor Septet - Theatre St.Dennis, Montreal, Canada (radio broadcast)


Cecil Taylor Unit (un-issued / Private Tape) Nancy , France


Cecil Taylor Trio live at Condon's (Private tapes) Parker/Martinez


Cecil Taylor Unit Burning Poles - video (Taylor, Martinez, Parker, Oxley)
Cecil Taylor Unit -Live at the Knitting factory -Live broadcast/video/Painting
Cecil Taylor Unit -Live in the Blues Alley Japan -video (Taylor, Martinez, Parker and Oxley) 10/90


Cecil Taylor Unit -Live at the Knitting Factory NY- un-issued private tapes
Cecil Taylor Orchestra -Knitting Factory tours Japan (summer 1991) - broadcast video / unissued private tape (C.Taylor, W.Parker, A.Martinez, Carlos Ward, R.Malik, G.Spearman, T.Barker, T.Oxley)


Cecil Taylor Quartet - Teatre De L'Alliancia, Barcelona / Broadcast / video (Taylor, Martinez, Parker, Oxley) 11/20/92
Cecil Taylor Orchestra -Live at the Knitting Factory - Japan Broadcast tape / video

Additional Sessionography

Andre has also performed with:

William Parker | Rashid Bakr | John Tchai | Tomaso Stanko | Tony Oxley | Phillip Wilson | James Jabbo Ware | Carlos Ward | Dom Un Romao | Karen Borca | John Lee | Lester Bowie | Alyrio Lima | Ray Cruz | Jose Gonzales | Don Suarez | Roy Cambell | Brian Smith | Mickey Davidson | Doug Principato | Dan Gaydos | John Stubberfield | Glenn Spearman | Gary Miles | Jason Candler | M | Fa Fa Rojas | Meg Montgomery | Chief Bay | Fat Back Band | Juan Quinones | Jimmy Lyons | Rev. Frank Wright | Brenda Bakr | Gunter Hampel | Enrico Rava | Stan Getz | Beaver Harris | David S Ware | Thurman Barker | Diane McIntyre | Gerry Brown | Mark Hennen | Gilhermo Franco | Ray Cruz | Jimmy Cruz | Ciro Baptista | Harris Simon | Karim Alaoui | Vernon Reid | Sabir Mateen | Dean Curtis | Daniel Carter | Andre Stobert | Raphe Malik | Elliot Levin | Ricardo Solis | DJ Firehorse | Dee Dee Sharp | Ray Maldonaldo | Sam Furnance | Evelyn Blakley | Duduka DaFonseca | Frankie "Tito" Martinez | Zane Massey | Abdul Fatah Muneer | Craig Harris | Eve Smith | Warren Smith | Shadell Martinez | Lois Martinez | Christopher Dean Smith | Andrew Bemkey | Leon Brown | Roman Ivanoff | Jamie Deroy | Carmine Rojas | Phillip Bond | Victor Jones | Charles Moore Dance Company | Willie White | Wulomi Royal drummers of Ghana | Shaheed Bagdat Singh Punjab dance troop | Chief Bey | Afrikan Woodwind Society | El Monte | James Sepyo | Pedro Morejon | Angel Marrero | Marcio Sapeo | Copaieras de Brazil | Lorimil Machado | Manolo Bandrena | Kamal Sabir | James Batten | Mike Lee | Tom McConnell | Henry Foley | Greg Bendian | On Davis | Sepoy Rebellion | The Latter | Mahjoun | Dennis Charles | Sunny Murray | Brenda Jones | Vibes A Fit | Kali Fasteau | Rosie Hertilen | Kent Glenn | Alex Gressel | Hill Green | Steve Swell | Patrick Brennan | Matt Heyner | Sabir Mateen Big Band | Ras Moshe & Matt Lavelle Big Band | Dave Sewelson


Stan Getz at Story town Newport Jazz Festival
Shaheed Punjab Singh - Live at Lincoln Center
Damrosh Park Shaheed Punjab Singh - Live at Columbia University /Broadcast tape NBC
Andre Martinez Trio With Juan Quinones at Studio Wiz
Jamie Deroy live at Grand Finale and Reno Sweeneys
Shaheed Bagdat won citations years 1978-1980 awarded at Columbia University for international peace


Dom Um Romao - live at Staler Hilton Carnival in NY / Private tape
Roda Do Samba - live at Black Bean Studios /Private tapes
Pie de Boi - Mudd Club
El Monte - live at Columbia University / Broadcast tape /private tape
El Monte - live at the Door NYC un-issued tape
Artie Simmons Big Band
El Monte - live at Nuyorican Cafe - Broadcast tape /private tape
Pie de Boi at SOB's
James Jabboware Big Band at Black Bean studios / private tape
Gerry Brown & John Lee / Columbia Records


Pie de Boi does benifit to save WRVR radio At Beacon theater
Pie de Boi leads 1st Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village NYC. (Over 200.000 in attendance)
Afrikan Woodwind Society & Wali Yaya /Live TV Broadcast
Samba Spaceship / Carniege Hall 11/27/81
Samba Spaceship / the Underground, NYC


DeeDee Sharp - live at Ripley's Phili Pa./Private tape
Weekends-#1 on WBLS Dance Mix-Kaola Bear records
Pie de Boi w Harris Simon-Japan Release
Samba Spaceship - live at the Miami Orange Bowl / Broadcast event
Jeanete Braziera & Samba Spaceshp - live at Town Hall NYC /Live Broadcast


Something Fresh - tape 1 (un-issued /private) Tape 2 (un-issued/private) (Roy Campbell, Andre Martinez, Ernesto Hollman, Wayne Horrowitz)


Fat Back Band live at Tramps NYC (2000)
Vibes A Fit / 2nd Wind / CD
Vibes A Fit / Final Curtain Call / CD
Vibes A Fit / Live at Downtime Cafe /Video
Vibes A Fit / Eureka Joes / private video
Vibes A Fit / Live at Acme Under Ground / Video
Mahjoun Live at Tangines NYC 2000
Mahjoun Live at The Triad Theater NYC 2000


"Smithmosphere" from ctv show Metro Scene, grand pepper & Andre' Martinez / broadcast video
Earth People Live at the Bunker Annex /Knitting Factory 1 / private CD
Earth People Live at the Bunker Annex/ Knitting Factory 2 / private CD
Mahjoun Live at the Benefit to save Charas in the lower East side NYC
On Davis / Cable Show in Brooklyn NY
Sabir Mateen - Drums and Voices


Earth People - Waking the Living / CD (Undivided Vision)
Earth People & evolverov Live at the Tonic / private tape/CD
Earth People / Latter - Aural Barbacoa - Live at the Tonic / private tape/CD
The Latter - Aural Barbacoa / at ABC NO Rio / private tape/CD
Earth People - Live at Lovesphere / private tape/CD
Andre Martinez / Grandpepper of Reality / DJ Firehorse / Live at the Anarchist Ball / private tape/CD
Earth People / Raga Suites in earth time - Loho studios 3/02 private tape
Earth People / Raga Suites / Live at ABC No Rio / private tape/CD


Earth People - Simple ... Isn't It?? / CD (Undivided Vision)
Earth People at the Walker Theater
Earth People - Sky Readers CD (Undivided Vision)
Earth People - Loho Studios Sessions
Earth People at CBGB
Electromotif - Staten Island


Earth People CBGB
Earth People / at FusionArt Museum
Patrick Brennan Tour
Electromotif at the Muddy Cup
1st exhibit of the Artwork of André Martinez, New York City

André Martinez

André Martinez has been the director of the Henry Gregg Gallery in Brooklyn since 2003.

André Martinez was also born to play drums. His passion for music is uncompromising, and his understanding and freedom of expression through percussion extraordinary.


Chronological Timeline

1967 to 1969: André is part of Specially Gifted Children, a class at IS 293 in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn. Teacher, Fred Silverman, exposes André to jazz and classical music, causing him to switch from baritone sax to tympanis.

1969: André is taken to the Downbeat Jazz Club in NYC by Marianne McPartland to see Buddy Rich perform, a major influence in his life to this day. Afterwards, he is fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and watch Leonard Bernstien and the New York Philharmonic practice, visit the dressing and costume rooms of Beverly Sills and other Met opera stars, and view set designs and stage set-ups for countless performances. At this point, music becomes a passionate mission forever.

1970: André attends John Jay High School and is a member of Arista, playing saxophone in the high school band. During this time he meets longtime friend, Dr. David Martinez Perez, who would later make Folkway documentary recordings with Dr. Verna Gillis, along with his brothers, Raymond and Moses. Together, André and David embarked on a quest for the knowledge of world music, listening to and practicing music from Africa, Haiti, Santo Domingo, India, Brazil, Bali, etc.

1974: André enrolls at Brooklyn College majoring in economics. Not long afterwards, he makes the difficult decision to leave school in order to pursue his dream of playing and understanding the language of world percussion.

During these early years, André pursues international percussion and drumming, continuing his musical education privately. This leads to a time of intense learning with great musician and drum teacher, Beaver Harris; Brazilian music studies with the masters Dom Um Romao, Gilhermo Franco and Don Juares; Latin percussion with Gene Golden, Frankie Malabe, Jerry Gonzalez, Tommy Lopez and Jackie Masonet; African drumming with Chief Bey. Santero; Palo music with Pedro Morejon; fusion drumming with Michael Nararda Walden; modern drumming and reading with Rick Kravitz, founder of Drummers Collective; rock drumming with Tony "Harlot" D'Ambra; and countless others by attending their performances.

1981: André co-leads and performs with Pie De Boi at major clubs, and memorably heads up the first Halloween Parade (NYC) in 1981 to a crowd of 100,000. The group receives major reviews in magazines such as Andy Warhol Interview and Machete from Brazil.

André works for Desi Arnez along side Miami Sound Machine with Samba Spaceship at the famous "Calle Ocho Festival" in Miami. The show concludes with an encore at the Orange Bowl in front of 30,000 wild fans.

André becomes a music director and plays percussion on NBC television, as well as performing for former President Jimmy Carter with the Shaheed Bhagdat Singh Punjab Folkdance Company. He also plays percussion with James Jabboware and the Me We & Them Big Band.

1981 - 1992: André joins the Cecil Taylor Unit and plays over a hundred shows, performing at various major festivals throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and South America, including the New England Foundation for the Arts - Structolite Tour Concert Series, the Chicago Jazz Festival and the Art Park Jazz Festival in Niagara Falls, NY. New York City performances include concerts at the Knitting Factory, Blue Note, Lush Life, Village Vanguard, Sweet Basils, Irving Plaza and Condons, to name a few.

The Maestro, Cecil Taylor, encourages André to scale new musical heights. Together they spend countless hours working on musical ideas and the reconstruction of show formats and presentations. Being under the tutelage and encouragement of Mr. Taylor will give André the ammunition he'll need when leading the future orchestra, Earth People. Eleven years spent with Cecil Taylor are priceless, and the knowledge gained is worth the sacrifice of leaving behind three years at the University in pursuit of musical knowledge.

1995: André meets gifted songwriter, Dan Gaydos and soulful singer, Dean Curtis. For the next five years, as Vibes A Fit, they write, perform and produce two beautifully melodic rock albums. During this time, André meets Doug Principato and Jason Candler whom together, will soon become the founding members of Earth People.

2000: André performs with Majoun, a Moroccan/Gnawan fusion band, as well as with the Sepoy Rebellion, a group of talented, seasoned poets and thinkers. He gets down and funky with the Fat Back Band, and totally cosmic and electrical with tHe LaTteR. Andre is versatile with a notable talent.

2002: Earth People makes headway as the "New World Music" with some of the most talented and creative free musicians around today.

2003: With his new group, Earth People, André is reaching out to the people with the help of this brilliant and valiant band, ready to create an intoxicating musical journey. Every project is a new experience. He says, "Our compositions are like paintings; once we are finished creating a piece, there is nothing left to do but create a new one."

Major Influences

Drum influences and personnel heroes include JC Heard, Tito Puente, Mongo Santa Maria, Elvin Jones, Sonny Payne, Roger Humphries, Eric Gravatt, Rufus "Speedy" Jones, Ringo, John Bonham, Bill Bruford, Al Forster, Billy Hart, Dennis Charles, Tony Oxley, Tony Williams, Gerry Brown, Terry Bozio, Cozy Cole, Cozy Powell, Simon Phillips, Louis Hayes, Rashid Bakr, Art Blakley, Max Roach, Billy Drummond and countless others.

Musical influences include Cecil Taylor, Duke Ellington, Billy Eckstine, Nat King Cole Trio, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk, Cachao, Mongo, Tito Puente, Yes, The Beatles, King Crimson, Billie Holiday, Kool and the Gang, Marvin Gay, The Temptations, Weather Report, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Los Papines, Stravinsky, Sinatra, The Who, Pink Floyd, Tito Rodridguez, Blue Magic, Stylistics, Parliament, Funkadelic, Sunny Ade, and everyone else who makes great music in any style and genre.

In Conclusion

André has persevered for over thirty years. He was the drummer with Cecil Taylor for over a decade, and though rarely mentioned in most jazz history books, André was very influential during that period in altering the structure of the performances. His innovative ideas brought percussion intros to the forefront, allowing The Maestro opportunities to recite poetry and dance before even touching the piano keys. André's approach to drumming opened up many different rhythmic and melodic freedoms to their sound.

Those years were wonderful but turbulent for André and proved to wreak havoc on his spirit. He found peace by taking time to raise a family and successfully operate his own business.

A family man with many responsibilities, André is married to Lois, an accomplished jazz singer. Together they have three wonderful children. Tanya attends college as a business major is heart set in the business of music and works for Sony Music, Lauren attends college and is a promising designer with her own line of clothing, and Henry Jr. attends high school and is a talented basketball player. While always making time for his music, André is also a master builder and painter.

André continues to venture into many different avenues of musical exploration, now partnered with good friend, Doug Principato, guitarist extraordinaire. Together they perform at many venues in various genres of experimental and world music, which leads to their dream band, Earth People. This great consortium grows with the union of saxophonist Jason Candler and long-time associates Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Karen Borca and Mark Hennen, along with new associate Francois Grillot and singer M.

Earth People is quite an open-minded band. Every member is a composer and a leader, each bringing their vast resources of knowledge to the unit. This band is one to be reckoned withÉ one that will leave its mark for years to come.

Long-time associate and bassist extraordinaire, William Parker, recently called André Martinez "a living legend."