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Sky Readers
(2003) CD

"Improvisation is one of the oldest traditions in jazz, and when it's employed by those who seek to explode tradition, the results are exhilarating. This is the new new music, an up-to-date message from jazz avant garde; the music is alive and well, and Earth People is one of its strongest contributors."

- Florence Wetzel (All About Jazz NY)

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Produced, arranged, and performed by Earth People
Recorded April 30, 2003
live at Walker Space, NYC by Doug Principato
assisted by Jason Candler
Mixed by Jason Candler at Loho Studios
assisted by Doug Principato

All Compositions by Earth People
Executive producers - André Martinez, Jason Candler & Doug "grand pepper of reality" Principato

Front cover painting by Nola Zirin (courtesy of June Kelly Gallery)

Performed in between acts of the play "Earth People vs. the Carcass Eaters"

1. Magical Flower (Horus the Red Travels Backwards) (41:22)
2. It's That Simple (10:33)

André Martinez - drums, Ghanaian metal balafon, shekeré, djémbe, bells, and percussion
Doug Principato - electric guitar
Jason Candler - alto sax, guitar, percussion
Sabir Mateen - tenor/alto sax, flute, clarinet, alto clarinet
Mark Hennen - piano, keyboards
Francóis Grillot - contrabass
Firehorse - electronics

"If you understand your painting before-hand, you might as well not paint it." - Dali

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Frank Rubolino
Cadence Magazine / July 2004
Bruce Gallanter
Downtown Music Gallery / Feb. 2004
Florence Wetzel
All About Jazz NY / Jan. 2004