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Simple ... Isn't It??
(2003) CD

"This is New World music, a New Age free jazz fusion poetry funk gumbo whose geography is not only the planet but the soul. Whether you love, dislike, or struggle to understand Earth People, you damn sure ain't gonna ignore 'em."
- Terrell Holmes (All About Jazz NY)

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Produced, arranged and performed by Earth People
Recorded live July 28, 2002 at Peter Karl Studio, Brooklyn NY

Composed by A.Martinez & D.Principato
Except "Simple ... Isn't It??" by Earth People
Lyrics by M

Mixed by Jason Candler
with Doug "grand pepper of reality" Principato
at the Guarsh / Loho Studios, New York City

Executive producers - André Martinez, Jason Candler & Doug "grand pepper of reality" Principato

Dedicated to Peter Kowald

1. Birthright (11:38)
2. Bojangles (12:20)
3. Simple ... Isn't It?? (15:20)
4. Breaking the Malaise (18:55)

André Martinez - drums
Doug Principato - acoustic & electric guitar, Fender Rhodes
Jason Candler - alto saxophone
M - vocals
Karen Borca - bassoon
Daniel Carter - alto & tenor saxophone, flute, trumpet
Sabir Mateen - tenor saxophone, alto clarinet, clarinet, flute
Mark Hennen - Steinway piano
Francóis Grillot - contrabass

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"Just to say it with one word: WOW.  This is great, this is what we need to produce very good shows. So please don`t stop sending us new releases. ... " - Dirk Stursberg (Radio 98.6, Berlin)

"The chaotic moments have an undercurrent of subliminal connections - as they should- to heal the undercurrents of the collective souls" - D. Gaydos (Curator, The Museum of Sound Recording)

"Heya! Your new release sounds amazing! " - On Davis (musician,poet activist)

"Simple ... Isn't It?? is a truly magnificent document - yous guys really made a fantastic effort!! i congratulate you on achieveing such a worth result!!!" - Meg Montgomery (trumpetress, composer, engineer/producer)