earth people

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BANG! from New York City
(2007) CD

Produced by André Martinez, Doug Principato & Jason Candler
Recorded live at the FusionArt Museum, New York, March 14, 2004
by Doug "grand pepper of reality" Principato & Jason Candler
Additional production & mixing by Doug Principato at Pepper Temple Studio
Mastered by Jason Candler

"Apprehension Grows in the Forest" painting by André Martinez
courtesy of Henry Gregg Gallery
Photos by
CD layout and website by Jason Candler

All songs by Earth People except:
(1,2) Martinez, Principato
(3) Martinez, Principato, Candler

1 … Breaking the Malaise (8:59)
2 … Bojangles (8:16)
3 … Time To Vote! (5:58)
4 … Talking Drum Interlude (5:58)
5 … A New Arrival (1:37)
6 … Simply Simple, Isn't It? (12:06)

André Martinez - drums, steel drum, & percussion
Doug Principato - guitar, vocals & keyboards
Jason Candler - alto saxophone
Sabir Mateen - alto & tenor sax, alto clarinet, flute

Mark Hennen - Yamaha CP-70 electric grand piano
Francóis Grillot - contrabass
Firehorse - electronics

special guest:
Stephen Ayantoye Aniyikaye - talking drum

special thanks to Steve Swell

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss

A note from Jerry Schwartz
"as a way of expressing my appreciation for the hospitality you showed me last Sunday,
please accept this little poem..."

Dispatch To Earth People

Come on, let's go!
Bring anthing
that sounds

we are our only thing-
is that enough?

Yes! And if you've
nothing else
for ringing, come
with us with
your heart singing!

this flower smells so
strong, we may float away

we want to taste it-- what
kind of fruit does it have?

Maybe the fruit called
because it faces the sun? Maybe.
Would it be sweeter
than anything then?

when we go traveling,
whose orders do we have to obey? do you
know? whose?

The path. Only the path
can give true orders.

even when passing
through the sky?

Of course.

Are we floating as Choco Warriors to
the moon?

Maybe. But listen first to all
the riddles falling
from the sky.

We now know
as we make this trip
the places we go
will be partners in
a new dance.

Ancestral birds
have given us...
...what? The Gift
of singing.

To us who are dispatched
on a dream?


No one can keep our song
to themselves,
when the earth
looks so small--
like a baby.

Love to you all,
jerry schwartz

(Note: Jerry read poetry in between acts at the show.)